A Little Nerve

My great aunt Helen enjoyed quite the stint in show business back in the day. Well under 5’ at age 16, she was approached to temporarily join a traveling show. While I’m not advising you to be shot out of a cannon anytime soon, we can certainly heed this 94 year old woman’s advice. 


She was asking me if I was ever in show business. I said, “No. I have no talent.” She says, “You don’t need any talent, just a little nerve. I have an opening to replace the person that used to do the cannon. She got pregnant and I need somebody to take her place. Would you like to try?”

I was young. Sixteen, stupid, fearless. 

[If you had to count, do you know how many times you were shot out of a cannon?]

Nine times. We did nine shows and I had no net. I had two big men – one on this side and one on this side. Both my arms were close to my body and when you come out you put your arms forward like you were diving into the water.

[Did it get any easier when you were shot out of the cannon multiple times?]

The first two-three times it was scary. But I just did what I was told. All you need is nerve when you’re that young. 

In your professional and personal life, bring the big ideas. After being propelled out of a cannon, Aunt Helen explains how two men caught her on each arm – meaning this brave teen took on the challenge without a net. What can you leave behind to ensure success is in your future? Whether it’s a negative attitude from someone or your own doubts, see these obstacles as your launching pad.

After all, all you need is a little nerve.   


One thought on “A Little Nerve

  1. Paul – Glad you agree! So happy that I caught this story on camera.Inna – Thank you! For now, I think we can stick to yoga, video blog posts and crazy dance moves as our risks. Maybe one day we’ll work up to that cannon….

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