the3six5 – August 26, 2012


Near the end of summer you often hear people say “I wish….” “I wish I would have taken that trip.” “I wish I spent more time away from the office.” Being busy becomes a part of our everyday and we forget to stop and truly enjoy our surroundings.

Sitting at the shore of Brigantine, NJ is one of those times for me.  My first barefoot run at the beach with the waves creating the tracks of my playlist. Watching surfers wait for the perfect wave. Picking up seashells like I did as a kid. A midnight dip in the ocean. Feeling fortunate to be in great company with people who challenge me, make me laugh and accept me as I am. No pressures of work loom and the day’s only obligation is a $25 voucher to spend at an Atlantic City casino.

Since moving to New York City seven months ago I have witnessed how easy it is to get wrapped up in the city’s energy and fast pace. Time passes so quickly and the days can easily blend into one another.

The above image suggests “How to Live on an Island” – the type of poster associated with cities and towns comprised mainly of vacationers. People come to these kinds of places to get away. To ignore their “to do” lists and work email and instead relax at the beach and spend more time with family and friends. Life is a lot simpler when your biggest project is creating a sandcastle and your only deadline is getting to the market for fresh food before it closes.

What if this lifestyle could become my everyday, or at least a modification of it?

I’ve committed to not be an “I wish-er.” I refuse to look back and regret not participating. Since starting my latest chapter I have tried to say yes to every opportunity put before me – from new people to new experiences – in the hopes of living the fullest life possible. Perhaps it’s as easy as creating my own island wherever I go, a place where I can discover, remember, laugh and ultimately, be taken away.

This post originally ran on the3six5 where every day for 365 days, a different person writes an entry about their experiences that day. 



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