“2 – 5”

To celebrate my upcoming birthday I’m sharing 25 things I’m proud of experiencing and accomplishing. It’s been 25 years, but it appears a lot of the proud moments have surfaced recently. Imagine that : ) 

What are you proud of today? Consider the big things AND the little things.

1. I graduated from an outstanding university

2. I started a blog. 

3. I took my online connections offline. 

4. I mentored several college students into the PR industry. 

5. I leveraged my social media network for my job hunt. 

6. I moved to New York City. 

7. I received a raise 7 months into my new position. 

8. I ran 1 mile 2 miles 3.5 miles… and counting! 

9. I secured more than 30,000 hits on my YouTube channel (properly tagging a video is no joke). 

10. I engaged the CEO/President of my company in conversation on the elevator, which ended in a high five! 

11. I contributed a post to one of my favorite blogs, the3six5

12. I went into relationships with an open mind and my guard down. 

13. I became the Operations Manager for an internal agency initiative (also the catalyst for the CEO high five). 

14. I went after yoga

15. I swallowed my pride and asked for directions when lost. 

16. I said “yes” more times than I said “no”.

17. I hosted 9 visitors in the first 6 months in NYC. 

18. I am surviving NYC with a StupidPhone

19. I could have a dozen bridesmaids if I got married tomorrow. 

20. I volunteer for a non-profit I believe in, She’s the First

21. I am learning to cook. 

22. I pick up girls better than guys (according to my guy friends).

23. I smile when I mean it and I cry when I need it. 

24. I make my parents proud. 

25. I left my comfort zone. 




One thought on ““2 – 5”

  1. Thank you Jenny!! I’m glad you could be a part of so many of my proud moments – from our time connecting in Chicago and now my jumping into NYC.

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