“2 – 6”

Next up in my birthday shares is 2 big things I want to experience and 6 little-big things I want to accomplish. 

I have enough deadlines in my day-to-day so I’m not putting timing on the items, but writing/announcing them is reason enough for me to remain accountable. 

Live abroad. 

I’ve always been interested in other cultures and the people that comprise them. I have photos and paintings on my wall of places of where I’ve been (Australia, Paris) and places of where I want to go (London, Italy… to name a few). I believe seeing these images on my wall is a fantastic reminder that I can get there – and will get there. It worked with the picture of Times Square – it has successfully transferred to the “places I’ve been” category. 

Whether it’s a month, a year or… living abroad could expose me to another world of people, challenges and life lessons. NYC has also provided me with a great taste of diversity. One of my favorite parts of this city is being able to walk down the block hearing several languages, English not included. It reminds me of visiting Sydney. I heard countless languages – each one causing my ears to perk up (as they would in Chicago). I quickly realized this was the norm – and I’m seeing the same trend in NYC. 

And fortunately, with an employer with 65 offices globally this goal feels very attainable. I’m thinking London, Sydney or Amsterdam, but as always, open to suggestions! 

Get married. 

[Breath Daddio, no plans to have you walk me down the aisle in the very near future,] BUT it is never too early to start choreographing our Father-Daughter dance (we should sell tickets to the reception for the performance alone!). This is not an immediate life event; I would probably need to find an interested stud first, but one I most definitely want in my life for several reasons.

The foremost reason: have you met my parents? Talk about two people complimenting each other 100%. Almost 35 years in and they’re still laughing, caring and most importantly, dancing (as in the actual experience and through all the curve balls life has thrown them). I don’t know when I want this big life commitment, but I know I want it – because of them. 


In the “little-big” category I want to…

Launch my side hustle. 

I’m the first to admit money does not come easy in NYC and I really enjoy helping friends and professional contacts with PR. It allows me to perfect my craft and I see great opportunities in turning help into a more substantial hustle. 

Improve my fitness.

Specifically I want to run something – 5K, 10K, half marathon… I’ve committed to some kind of activity 5x per week: running, yoga, dance. If I focus on my overall fitness I’m hoping this “something” will be a breeze. I know I feel more energized, sleep better and find myself in an all-around better mood thanks to consistent workouts.  

Make something of my blog. 

This means determining my ongoing theme, how to best reach my audience and turn it into a “must-read.” If you are technically savvy and want to teach me your tricks I am ready to learn. Additionally, I want to explore investing into the site and take up more opportunities to guest blog to challenge my writing and strengthen my relationships. 

Repay my parents. 

Not only for the loans they have given me, but to make up for all they have done for me over the last 25 years. I can’t wait to be able to help them in the ways they have helped me. 

Live the “student always” mentality. 

Regardless of age or experience, I feel everyone should look for the lesson from any situation. I plan to continue this approach professionally and personally (with many more blog posts to share the observations).  

Be the best maid of honor I can be. 

[Again – Daddy, breath. No official plans on this front; just another life goal.] As the baby of the family my sister has catered to me our entire lives – letting me choose the best piece of pizza (because that totally exists), listening to my never-ending stories and surprising me with presents every time I turn around. It’s about time this one received all the attention she so rightfully deserves. I’ve heard this wedding business is intense. To which I say – bring it on. 

What’s on your life to do list? How are you doing so far at accomplishing each item? 


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