What are you born to do?


As I celebrated my birthday at the Blue Note Jazz Club earlier this month I came to a realization – everyone is put on this planet to do something. Jessica Latshaw is someone who is born to perform. I first heard about Jessica through my non-profit She’s the First when she played our rock concert and I was excited for another opportunity to see her live.

With a front row seat to her Blue Note set I could see that every ounce of Jessica’s being is there to perform. From her fingertips to her toes she literally oozes goodness and keeps her audience on the edge of their seats. 

I’m still defining my purpose, but overall I believe I’m here to connect. To connect people with brands in my profesh life and to connect people and their stories in my day to day. 

Sing – dance – lead – collaborate – high five? What are you born to do? 




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