Defining Conversations

One year ago I was en route to New York City preparing for 16 interviews over the course of the following two days. Hello overwhelming feat!

I did A LOT of talking throughout my interview process, but two conversations defined this particular week in my life. One came a few days before I left for NYC when the interviews weren’t falling into place as easily as I had hoped. I was primarily traveling to participate in informational interviews – as a way to get my foot in the door with these out-of-state agencies. I was concerned that I didn’t have what it took to land my dream job. My homeboy Britten put me (aka Humpty Dumpty) back together again. He reminded me not only how far I’d come, but that I was ready to kick butt and take names.

The second conversation came at the end of “Interview Day One” as I caught up with my good friend and colleague Cory. Cory was a constant in my ongoing quest to live the NYC dream. I believe she was still in the office late that night as I explained to her how exciting and mentally challenging the day had been, but she never once tried to cut the conversation. She listened to me as I talked about each agency and envisioned myself there while describing the smart people I interviewed with and the unique accounts they led. In reflecting with Cory, the part that stood out to me the most was how grateful I felt for being able to do the interview process all over again for a second day.

Think about one of those conversations you remember as if it were yesterday. Receiving a job offer? Someone saying “I love you”?

Now, think about how far you’ve come since that conversation. 


One thought on “Defining Conversations

  1. Thank you Kate!! Feels like my life has been on fast forward since the first interviews, but I’ve learned and experienced so much in this short time.

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