What kind of time is it?

“In some Eastern, Polynesian and Micronesian communities, the people don’t tell you what time it is—they tell you what kind of time it is. Feast time. Fishing time. Helping time. Spirit time. Loving time. Lazy time. Children time. Old-people time. Moon time. Dream time. Each time of the day or week elicits a different way of seeing, feeling, walking, talking and responding to an important facet of life. This week, try planning your days and nights according to your dreams and ideals, not just your watch.”

I love this passage from the book How many days of the week can be extraordinary? In the PR world, we track and bill our time by 15 minute increments based on account work and it’s easy to let this creep into my day-to-day. This week I’m striving to look past the clock when making time. Can you do the same? 



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