Anchors & Intention

Reverb is a 31 day writing exercise where daily prompts allow people to reflect on closing the year and planning the one to come. 

[Place: What places anchored you this year? Or were you in search of new places and spaces to call your own and call home? Describe the place you love and why it means so much to you.]

A recent post from the3six5 summed up how I currently feel anchored. The author explained, Whatever it is, the thought of being lost among the unfamiliar is the most comforting thing in life.” I read this post the day I returned to NYC after being home in Chicago for Thanksgiving. As my cab crossed the bridge into Manhattan and I looked at the skyline I couldn’t help but smile with excitement. Excitement over being back in this city where I still got lost, where I have only scraped the surface of and where adventures I can’t even imagine yet await me

I’m approaching one year in NYC and I don’t think I’ve hit the point where I call myself a New Yorker. People say something will happen and you’ll just know. I felt a shift in energy coming back and it wasn’t until I read this post that I fully understood where the feeling originated. The challenge and unknown of NYC keeps me anchored. 

[Intention: What were some of your mantras from 2012 and how did you come by them?]

Every day is a good day. 

I’m always asked how it is living in New York. In most cases I answer with, “Every day is a good day.” 

I love my job. I love my neighborhood and apartment. I love all the people I’m meeting. I feel so fortunate that I’ve had it pretty good up to this point. 

There have been some down points as well. But in the same week my wallet and phone were stolen I also high fived my company’s CEO. I realized how you handle bad situations is all in your perspective. The missing SuperPhone and wallet were a setback, but did teach me to be more aware of my belongings and my surroundings. 

The high five could not have been better timed. During my first month at my new job, I learned my new gig will be as great as I make it. I also realized that people will make time for you – all you have to do is ask (or go in for the high five).




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