Words to live by

Looking for a little motivation? PR pro and social media maven Sarah Evans has you covered. In her book, [RE]FRAME, Sarah offers pieces of advice with an accompanying story for each tip. She writes in an easy to digest and very shareable format. (Pick up your copy here.) 

In one of the opening stories Sarah includes her life mission statement. She wrote it 10 years ago and each topic resonates strongly enough with her that she has not had to make any changes.  

Reading Sarah’s statement inspired me to write my words to live by.

What are yours? 

Fear is only an option, not an ultimatum. 

If life is not playing out the way I imagined, I will choose differently. 

Telling stories is good for the memory, and even better for the soul.

I am happiest when making connections. 

I am a student always.

I go with the flo(w). 




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