To My 40-Something Self

This post originally appeared on the 40:20 Vision

After enjoying dinner at a 30-something’s apartment I realized I have a lot to look forward to. Being more established professionally and financially could mean a well-connected network, a more spacious apartment and a heftier paycheck.

It also got me thinking how I want to remind myself when I reach that more established place in my life just where I started. 

To My 40-Something Self,

If you’re going through a rough time consider, what would I have done as a 20-something? Let’s be honest – it’s a more carefree time. From friendships to relationships and from serious to silly, I’m writing to remind you where you came from. 

1. Wherever you’re living, check in often and go home regularly to see family. Regardless of age, you will always be their little girl.

2. Stay humble. There were days when you could only afford veggies for dinner and months when you lived paycheck to paycheck. 

3. Take public transportation. It’s got to be the best invention next to sliced bread and bottomless mimosa brunches. 

4. Go grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Apparently that’s how firemen roll, and I’m sure you’ll always enjoy a little eye candy.

5. Keep up the workout routine. I’m putting in the work as a 20-something and expect you to hold up your end of the bargain. 

6. Focus on your girlfriends. They have been there to listen, advise and dance through everything. And they will continue to be there to dry your tears, make you laugh and remind you why your ex wasn’t the one for you or how lucky you are to have found your husband. 

7. Explore. Even if circumstances don’t allow you to travel far, be a tourist in your own city. There is always something new to discover. 

8. Don’t forget that kissing is better than breathing. Whatever relationship stage you find yourself in, expect the romance and do your part to contribute as well.

9. Keep writing. If it’s not in blog form, keep journaling and sending letters and postcards. Taking time to reflect will strengthen your memory. Sharing some written love with those close to you will be a welcome surprise. 

10. Take a 20-something out for dinner and drinks. She admires you and would love to hear how you got to where you are. 

Always learning,

Your 20-Something Self



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