SXSW – Act 2

More updates from SXSW featuring Skype’s ability to connect people around the globe, Shaq’s ability to connect via Twitter and the potential ability for women and men to have it all. 

How Shared Experiences Enable Global Understanding #tech4edu 

o Head of Social Good Andrew Schmidt and Peace One Day Founder Jeremy Gilley led the discussion on Skype is being used to make connections and strengthen relationships

o Skype connects with people who are using their product in extraordinary ways. Imerman’s Angels connects cancer survivors with individuals currently undergoing treatment through Skype calls. It was started by a two-time survivor. Mark Wood will make the first Skype call attempt from the top of Mt. Everest. He travels on expeditions and talks with children around the globe via Skype about his adventures. Schmidt said he always welcomes stories about how people are using Skype to make new connections. 

o Gilley is a filmmaker who launched Peace One Day, a day for individuals to become involved in the peace process – it provides a window of opportunity for aid agencies to carry out life-saving work. On Peace Day 2008 in Afghanistan the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, which monitors security related incidents, recorded a 70% reduction in violent incidents. On Peace Day 2010, over 50,000 children and women of child-bearing age, across 23 high-risk locations of greater Kabul, were vaccinated against deadly diseases including polio, meningitis, diphtheria and tetanus. In addition, a nationwide polio immunization campaign to target 8 million children was launched. 

Host Skype talks weekly through schools – 81 schools in 55 countries (to get to the very bottom of violence with childhood bullying) 

Host Peace talks where two classrooms are brought together in two different countries via Skype 

Aims to inspire young people to become driving force of a united and sustainable world – advancing areas of conflict resolution and human rights. Gilley has received criticism that the initiative is only one day – he explains that of all the dialogue occurring 30% happens on the actual day while 70% is combined social media content and news coverage throughout the rest of the year 

Shaq at the Samsung Blogger Lounge #samsungsxsw @SHAQ 

o Shaq spoke on a panel with Brian Solis and afterwards he stopped by the Samsung Blogger Lounge for a short Q&A. He was well-spoken and really engaging with the host and audience. 

o Turns out Shaq found Twitter by accident. Someone had misquoted him so he used Twitter to back himself up. He wanted to keep the facts straight and speak from his perspective. To get Shaq’s attention, simplicity always wins – something that is inspiring and can change someone’s life. Shaq tells his children he would have been Valedictorian if he had all the technology they have available to them. His advice: be genuine. Believe in your product. Focus on your relationships. 

Current Trends at SXSWi #sxswrecap 

o The last four years of SXSW you could ask where are the women in tech? Not anymore Meg Casserly from Forbes said it’s no longer a conversation about women in tech – it’s just tech. There are so many members of the media on site because they need to be part of the conversation. Forbes has 26 people at SXSW. 

o Brands are coming to you, experiences are easy to package and walk away with it – making things more dynamic 

o The goal for attending SXSW should be to spark ideas, remove any fears and go after what you want. – Shawn O’Keefe, Interactive Festival Producer of SXSW. Said they take into account all attendee feedback (gathered from surveys, emails and one-on-one conversations) to improve SXSW 

OK, Women Can’t Have it All, but Maybe No One Can #slowdown 

o What does the “it” in having it all mean? 

Making choices and having priotiies in check. – Adam Ostrow, Mashable 

o Discussed the Yahoo announcement re: telecommuting. If Marissa Mayer were a man, no one would pay attention if he didn’t take his paternity leave 

For hiring Ostrow said Mashable focuses on talent over gender and location. Mashable has only had a physical office as of 3 years ago, started all as telecommuters 



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