How a Passion Pit concert is like a stellar PR campaign

They made the concert social with a strong theme. Through the hashtag #FeedTheBeat Passion Pit is creating a rockumentary with content, including tweets, photos and fan-aggregated video. Everywhere you looked at their SXSW concert – your wristband, signage, TV screens throughout the event space – you were reminded of the hashtag. 

They involved the audience. As you can see in the video Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos regularly shares the mic with the audience inviting them to sing along with the band. 

They signed on a relevant sponsor. Taco Bell’s recent slogan update – Live Mas – fits with a band. The slogan breaks away from the past of solely focusing on food moving to the mainstream (and all the fans that come along with it). 

They turned awareness into interest. I’ve never seen Passion Pit before attending the SXSW concert, but I wanted to because I love life music and it would be a fun night with friends. Between the enthusiastic set, Angelakos’ amazing vocals and their unique dive into social with the rockumentary, I have definitely moved from someone who is aware of Passion Pit to someone who is now a fan. 

Passion Pit demonstrates a unique way for a band to engage with social and further connect with and embrace their fanbase. Any bands OR brands catching your attention through a new use of social? 



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