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From 14 Things I Would Tell My 14 Year Old Self for “The Things I Learned From” 

ImagePut simply, you’ve got a lot of life ahead of you girlfriend. Take a chance even if you think you might fail. You’ll land on your feet and worst case scenario? You’ll learn something. Keep those lessons with you and share them with the people around you. Speaking of, do your best to bring people together – make introductions, make people feel comfortable, make people get to know the real you and bring out the real them in the process.

ImageTwo Years In for “40:20 Vision”
Two years ago this month I boarded a plane to New York City. I had two suitcases and would sleep on an air mattress in the living room of my new apartment that I would share with a roommate I had never met in person. I would start my new job the following day at a company with 600+ people in New York and thousands on staff around the globe (after leaving my first company of 16 employees). I could count the number of people I knew in New York on one hand and the majority was thanks to the power of social media. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into – just that I knew I had to try.

Inspiring Women, Part 11 for “Polish My Crown” Image
Face your fears head on. For 25 years I had never lived outside the state of Illinois. I had big dreams, but was so afraid of them that I was practically decorating the walls of my comfort zone – because I thought that’s all I would ever know. After moving to New York City I am a more determined person who knows fears do not define you.


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