Prove yourself right


What do you do when someone tells you, “No, you can’t do that?”

This wasn’t the post I expected would result from attending a wedding. But doesn’t inspiration come when you least expect it?

In speaking with a fellow guest, I learned he lived in NYC and previously worked in PR. It seemed only natural to share my dream job with him: to do PR for Broadway.

The said guest eventually asks me to sing for him. Well, I fully admit singing is definitely not my thing (unless I’m in church or driving in my car, alone).

His response? To say I’ve never felt more mocked in my life would be an understatement. His jaw about hit the floor – how could this girl take on a job for Broadway if she can’t sing?

I’m fortunate this instance is the first when someone so blatantly thought I would not succeed. I talked about growing up on the stage and my overall professional goal of always believing in the place where I work / looking forward to going there every day. A few more cocktails on his end and there was no point to argue my case any longer.

This guy obviously didn’t believe in me, but so what? In our futures I expect many people will do the same. It’s how we react to the situations and move forward that matters. We need tough love (or unwanted sass in this case) as we strive to achieve our goals. It provides necessary perspective.

I will acknowledge that he did point out areas for improvement with this goal. For one, I need to continue my research. I may have performed and seen a countless number of shows, but there’s much more for me to learn (and as a “student always” I’m up for up for the challenge).

He also brought to my attention the need for an elevator speech pertaining to my dream job. Everyone should have a go-to description of their background and where they’re headed, but what happens when you meet that one person who can help you land the dream job? Be ready.

 In discussing dream jobs, Arik Hanson asks why can’t you have yours? And although he is currently living a dream job, he still maintains a list of positions. What’s on your list?

Have you had a similar experience? How do you handle the naysayers? Has it made you adjust your goal or only work harder to prove yourself right?


Dance as a Community

Communities are created through a variety of ways: location, relationships and special interests to name a few.


While back on campus at the University of Illinois for my college dance team’s spring show I thought a lot about not only how people come together through shared interests, but what makes their communities continue to grow.


Here’s how the Illini ‘N Motion Dance Troupe maintains a community.