[Hustle & Flo] – Stand out

Welcome to Hustle & Flo – an ongoing series where I share insights into the job search. I hope to not only explain how I got where I am today, but provide actionable items to add to your To Do List. First item on the list – stand out.

When I began the out-of-state job hunt I knew I needed to do something to set me apart. I had the idea to create a video introduction and the fantastic Stephanie Wonderlin took my idea to a whole new level.

With her company 44Doors as host, my video was uploaded to a private microsite accessible via the QR code on my resume.

My competition could interview on their lunch break so I needed to make an introduction that would make me more than words on a resume. Throughout the interview process, many people commented on seeing very few, if any, QR codes as a resume addition.

Create your own at this site. Questions about the content? I provided my background, including associations to my all-girl high school and alma mater, because I’ve found education resonates during introductions. I told the viewer about my past experience and what I wanted to do: join him/her in New York. I admit the video is not flawless, but it definitely provides a sense of my personality.

Scan the code here:


[Theater Thursdays]: Always at Home with Theater

Activities like theater can truly mold a person. The bonds made hold strong for a lifetime and an auditorium becomes a second home. We learned these lessons, among many more, growing up with theater at Mother McAuley. It’s a great feeling to know you can always go home again. (Turns out the laughter of friends makes being 800+ miles away from home feel like I’m only a town away.) 

And a round of applause for the fabulous actors: PH, Coll, Karen, Lindsay, Laura, Jackie, Cassidy and the cast of 42nd Street.

Happy Mercy Day!

Today marks an important celebration in my high school community, for both current students and the alumni who remember this day – a celebration for the Sisters of Mercy.

I enjoy covering the topic of “Girl Power” and today we remember what it means to be a Mighty Mac.

For all my McAuley girls – fast forward to 1:50, that will sound familiar : )

P.S. If anyone is attending the celebration today – be sure to share photos / video!


Girl Power

Yes, the title to this blog post is reminiscent of a popular female 90s group. While I may not have much in common with the Spice Girls, I fully relate to this concept and proudly share I am the product of an all-girl high school.

On the South Side of Chicago the majority of high schools are all-girl or all-boy Catholic schools and I couldn’t be more grateful for how my education has helped me grow into the person I am today. The confidence I gained within those four years transfers effortlessly into a public relations career. Communicating effectively and having a desire for knowledge are two of the values I apply every day.

Because of my high school education my ears immediately perk up when I hear announcements like the recent one from Richard Edelman. He is committed to women holding half of Edelman’s senior roles by 2016. He readily admits where the company is lacking in female leadership providing percentages instead of simply acknowledging the company will take on this initiative.   

I was attracted to my company because of the women in leadership roles. I met the agency’s Senior Vice President at a University of Illinois networking event. As a wide-eyed college student I was thrilled to hear about her experience and the daily challenges she encountered at the agency. This excitement only increased when I learned JSH&A was founded by a woman. From watching our CEO it motivates me to think, that could be me one day.

I’m interested to see if other large agencies will follow Mr. Edelman’s lead. Here’s hoping so!

A McAuley Girl

Most people hold strong ties to their college, but not as many maintain the same ties to their high school. I’m honored to be a graduate of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, the largest all-girl Catholic high school and only liberal arts high school in the U.S. Does the following description provided by the SouthtownStar fit a McAuley girl? Couldn’t be truer.


After 12 years covering government and politics for the SouthtownStar, I have encountered numerous graduates of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School on Chicago’s Southwest Side.


The litmus test is pretty simple: If she’s smart and sassy yet warm and earthy, career-focused yet devoted to family, opinionated but open-minded, bold yet approachable, cosmopolitan in stilettos or carefree in a T-shirt, comfortable in both a church pew and a sports bar, she’s probably a Mother McAuley graduate.


She might be an elected official, a behind-the-scenes adviser, a lawyer or a social worker. She might be a boss or a subordinate, a prosecutor or a bailiff.


She might be a Republican who opposes abortion or a Democrat who supports gay marriage.


She is, most likely, a public servant who is comfortable in her skin and illuminated — but not indoctrinated — by McAuley’s Christian, Catholic principles.


And she probably has three names.


Enjoy the rest of the article here.