[Theater Thursdays]: Always at Home with Theater

Activities like theater can truly mold a person. The bonds made hold strong for a lifetime and an auditorium becomes a second home. We learned these lessons, among many more, growing up with theater at Mother McAuley. It’s a great feeling to know you can always go home again. (Turns out the laughter of friends makes being 800+ miles away from home feel like I’m only a town away.) 

And a round of applause for the fabulous actors: PH, Coll, Karen, Lindsay, Laura, Jackie, Cassidy and the cast of 42nd Street.

A McAuley Girl

Most people hold strong ties to their college, but not as many maintain the same ties to their high school. I’m honored to be a graduate of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, the largest all-girl Catholic high school and only liberal arts high school in the U.S. Does the following description provided by the SouthtownStar fit a McAuley girl? Couldn’t be truer.


After 12 years covering government and politics for the SouthtownStar, I have encountered numerous graduates of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School on Chicago’s Southwest Side.


The litmus test is pretty simple: If she’s smart and sassy yet warm and earthy, career-focused yet devoted to family, opinionated but open-minded, bold yet approachable, cosmopolitan in stilettos or carefree in a T-shirt, comfortable in both a church pew and a sports bar, she’s probably a Mother McAuley graduate.


She might be an elected official, a behind-the-scenes adviser, a lawyer or a social worker. She might be a boss or a subordinate, a prosecutor or a bailiff.


She might be a Republican who opposes abortion or a Democrat who supports gay marriage.


She is, most likely, a public servant who is comfortable in her skin and illuminated — but not indoctrinated — by McAuley’s Christian, Catholic principles.


And she probably has three names.


Enjoy the rest of the article here.