Anyone can donate to a cause

Being a twentysomething is definitely a balancing act – working hard for the money to pay the rent and keep up with student loans / car payments while enjoying the city lifestyle. With the topic of money ever present in my life I’m learning how to stretch the dollar. But what happens when a special event arises that is most deserving of the money I’m trying to save? I can’t contribute to all the non-profit groups or fundraising causes that come my way, but it’s important to make it work as best I can.


And for me, that cause is supporting one of my oldest friends as she kicks butt and takes name in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Cassidy is walking for her mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. 


We’ve called Cassidy’s mom “Sista Kim” since her star studded performance in The Sound of Music. As you can tell from the title, she played one of the nuns teaching Maria and working to keep this newbie on the right track. I view this as a natural role for our “sista.” Sista Kim makes you feel immediately welcomed into any situation. For as long as I’ve known her she’s been as interested in what’s new in my life as her own children. Sista Kim is the kind of person who knows everyone and truly values her family, friends and community.


I talk a lot about being a twentysomething and not giving up on ideas just because I’m low on funds. I believe that regardless of age or income, everyone can support a cause. And here’s how:  


Spend less – Can you skip a night out? What about packing your lunch for the entire week or sucking it up for the office coffee instead of Starbucks? And do you really need that new pair of shoes? Compile a list of excess ways that you spend money – having the ability to donate may be as easy as cutting back on your expenses.


Recruit donors – You may not be able to contribute as much as you would like, but can you share the cause with family and friends? Does your office match donations? I turned to Mama and Papa Flo who were more than willing to provide their support.


Volunteer – If you can’t contribute financially, you can always donate your time. Non-profit organizations can use an extra set of hands. If you work in promotions, why not lend your expertise for the next special event? And a social media whiz could tackle the organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.


In what other ways can twentysomethings (and beyond) continue to support causes important to them?